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Bringing your mailroom into the digital age 

The corporate mailroom is evolving. Is your business ready to embrace the technological shift bringing greater efficiency and security to traditional mailroom services?

As the innovation leader in document lifecycle management, Drake Business Logistics can provide your business access to the latest Digital Mailroom technologies, reducing your mailroom footprint and improving ease of access to critical information.

Drawing on the technology suite of Swiss Post Solutions, we offer both off-site and hybrid models to scan and digitise non-critical mail, providing instantaneous access to inbound communication.

Delivered over email (or our secure online portal) and accessible anywhere, digital mail is delivered in both scanned formats, as well as in plain text format through Optical Character Recognition – much like a regular email.

Original paper copies will be archived, forwarded to the recipient, or securely destroyed as desired.

Features and Benefits 

  • Global Reach and Network
  • Proven Innovation
  • Service Excellence
  • Market Leader
  • Dynamic Up- and downscaling

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