Digital Services - Digital Hub Mailroom

Digital Hub - Mailroom

Bring your mailroom into the digital age.

Digital Hub provides an integrated front-end for lodgement and tracking of all user requests through to completion. 

The solution consolidates all job request and provides a single user experience to end users.  

The system integrates with 3rd party systems to access courier and transport data, the 3rd party systems are generally customised to local (country) needs.

Digital Hub software allows the control and management of job request and interacts with external systems via secure API integrations.

The Key features of Digital Hub include:

  • Centralised System (Support for Single Sign On)
  • Hosted as one single system and can be deployed as cloud or on-prem
  • Integration via secure API
  • All user related information is stored securely within the system

Features and Benefits 

  • Centralised System (Support for Single Sign On)
  • Zero cost of ownership
  • Complete end to end visibility
  • Control over logistics operational outcomes
  • Reduced transport cost by - accessing lower rates and multiple transport providers
  • Greater control of physical delivery requirements for home based workers
  • Improve revenue leakage and cost recovery with cost centre reporting
  • Ability to scale up and down based on logistics demand

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