Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

High-performing organisations understand their competitive advantage relies on focusing on what they do best – and leaning on external experts for the rest.

Similarly, your business might understand the outcome you want from a project, but require external expertise in planning, budgeting, or managing it.

That’s where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as Drake Business Logistics comes in. We help you define the project outcomes, then deliver them – as a fully managed service.

Managed Services projects are wide ranging in scope, with examples including software development, help desk, customer service, quality assurance and market research.


Why Engage a Managed Service Provider?

MSP’s provide access to specialist expertise, knowledge, resources and personnel that would be too costly or time consuming to establish internally, or are only required on a short-term basis.

They’re also a great way to provide your business with immediate access to a highly skilled project team beyond your current geographic presence.

As experts in their field, MSP’s deliver project outcomes more efficiently, at a lower cost and with a better end result.


How Drake Business Logistics
Can Assist Your Business

As an industry-leading managed services provider, Drake Business Logistics offers tailor-made managed services that assist your business in defining project outcomes, determining a suitable budget and taking on complete accountability for delivering the end result.

Drake Business Logistics is how organisations get the talent solutions they need – whether it’s bringing in a team to solve a specific business challenge or long-term management of a non-core business function.

With operations in six APAC regions (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines), we’re the trusted partner of global firms such as Netflix, Google, and Amazon.

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