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Why organisations are moving to a
technology-enabled workplace

Digital transformation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an increasing priority for organisations as they seek to future-proof their business, empower remote workers and create a more enticing workplace for talent as the labour market tightens.

This goes beyond simply procuring the right technology. You need to bring on a vendor capable of delivering a digital adoption journey for your business and driving a cultural change from deprecated manual processes to a streamlined, digitally enhanced future.

Research by management consulting firm Gartner has shown that CEOs are increasingly turning to digital investments to drive growth. In fact, 84% of CEOs expect digital initiatives to increase profit margins through delivering the following benefits:


Reduced Personnel Costs

Reduces time-consuming manual tasks and eliminates duplication of effort, allowing you to redeploy or reduce your headcount.


Automation of Manual

Replace time-consuming, error-prone manual processes with digital equivalents, enabling your workforce to focus on more productive tasks.


Increased Security &

A secure digital environment allows critical tasks to be performed in a tightly regulated manner in accordance with your organisation’s compliance protocols.


Enhanced Data

Enhance the visibility, transparency and value delivered by your reporting function to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Financial Management

Technologies such as Drake Business Logistics' Digital Hub allows your business to improve visibility of business expenditure.

Our In-House Technology Suite

Our technology suite can help you maintain your competitive advantage in an increasingly technology-driven environment. Our core in-house technology is Digital Hub – an all-in-one solution for managing inbound and outbound mail and courier services, including in-house messenger teams.

The first solution of its kind, Digital Hub was developed in-house by Drake Business Logistics, delivering unprecedented control and visibility of your mailroom function.

In addition to our in-house technology suite, Drake Business Logistics draws on our strategic partnership with Swiss Post Solutions and other vendors to offer leading technologies across document digitisation, facilities management, smart lockers, visitor management and other core office functions.

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