Workflow & Document Automation Platform 


Manage document logistics, automate workflows, and
leverage the power of AI – all within a single platform.

Track & Manage Inbound Documents & Mail

Get a full digital audit trail over inbound documents and never lose track of a shipment again.

Reduce Your Courier Spend

Automate the courier booking process to streamline, track, and reduce your courier related costs.

Digitise Your Manual Processes

Digitise error-prone, time consuming processes to reduce data entry errors and refocus your team.

Leverage The Power of AI

Draw on the latest advances in AI development to deliver economical, 24/7 automation of time-consuming tasks.

Streamlining Your Business

Save time, reduce costs, and reduce the risk profile of your business. Easy to implement and integrate with existing systems, Digital Hub provides a cost-effective automation overlay of your existing processes, streamlining your document logistics workflows.

Empowering Your Team

Focus your team on the tasks that matter by equipping them with the tools to automate manual, time consuming workflows. Digital Hub delivers a host of quality-of-life features that make your team more engaged, efficient, and productive. 

One Platform to Help Your Business Thrive

Innovation Suite

Bespoke solutions to address the automation challenges facing your business. 

  • Custom automation development
  • Cost efficient software integrations
  • Bespoke UI/UX design
  • Bespoke automation solutions and consultancy. 

Logistics Suite

Track, manage, and optimise inbound and outbound mail and logistics.   

  • Streamlined courier booking engine
  • Track, manage, and audit inbound shipments
  • Reduce outgoing courier costs
  • Inventory and asset management

Automation Suite

Deliver effective visibility, control, and efficiency to manual workflows

  • AI-Powered automation of manual workflows
  • Decision support functionality
  • Powerful reporting and SLA management

Applications of Digital Hub

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Track Inbound Mail

Know exactly where, when, and to whom inbound mail is delivered. 

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Automate Workflows

Transform manual processes into efficient digital workflows. 

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Book Couriers

In-platform cost comparison engine and automated booking process.

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Asset Management

Manage and track your asset inventory and associated workflows.

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 Accounts Payable

OCR-powered AI automation of your invoice processing workflows. 

Automate Your Workflows

Custom-built automation solutions to help your business focus on what you do best.

Digital Hub’s powerful workflow management capabilities empower you to take control of the workflow challenges facing your business.

Join the AI Revolution

Delivered as a cost-effective overlay over your existing technology investment, our pre-built or customised AI solutions take on repetitive activities, freeing you from mundane tasks, reducing errors, and delivering exceptional productivity gains.

Document & Logistics Management

Purpose-built to meet the needs of Australian businesses, Digital Hub’s Logistics Suite helps you manage and control inbound and outbound documents, mail and courier items, ensuring shipments are delivered to the end recipient on-time, and within budget.

Digital Hub Delivers 

Ease of Customisation

Ease of Customisation

We'll work with you to tailor the Digital Hub platform to the unique requirements of your business. 

Low-Cost Implementation

Low-Cost Implementation

Swift, low-cost implementation process to get your business up and running with Digital Hub. 

Measurable Cost Reductions

Measurable Cost Reductions

Reduced workforce costs and courier cost optimisation deliver substantial ongoing cost savings. 

Unified Platform

Unified Platform

One platform to manage your document logistics and workflow automation requirements. 

Automated Cost Allocation

Automated Cost Allocation

Automatically allocate logistics costs to cost centres and reconcile invoices 

Digital Audit Trail

Digital Audit Trail

Track your inbound and outbound deliveries through to electronic proof of delivery. 

Real-Time Courier Track & Trace

Real-Time Courier Track & Trace

Optimise your courier routes and track the real-time performance of your team. 

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard Reporting

Pro-active customer notification, track service requests in real time, personalised dashboard and reporting.

Security & Support

Cloud Hosting

Digital Hub is hosted in Australia on high availability enterprise-grade, secure infrastructure

Market Leading Security

Data security best practice, regular vulnerability testing, and regular security scanning.

Secure Data Storage

All data is encrypted, backed-up daily, and stored in client-dedicated servers for seven years.

24/7 Support

Digital Hub platform users have access to an Australian based premium-level support team whenever you need us.



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